Global locations               

Study in centrally located campuses, designed to inspire, and explore multiple locations during your program


Take electives at this Stockholm , located just Centrum

•Global entrepreneurship  in Stockholm

•Master of International Marketing in Stockholm

•Master of finance in Stockholm

•Global  MBA electives in Stockholm   


Take electives at this Washington , located just inside Centrum

•Global entrepreneurship  in Washington

•Master of International Marketing in Washington

•Master of finance in Washington

•Global  MBA electives in Washington

Shanghai –Rotation Center

Our campus is at the very center of Shanghai on People’s Square, surrounded by the soaring skyscrapers of the city’s commercial and financial district.

•Global entrepreneurship  in Shanghai

•Master of International Marketing in Shanghai

•Master of finance in Shanghai

•Global  MBA electives in Shanghai


Take electives at this Uppsala   , located just Centrum

•Global entrepreneurship  in Uppsala

•Master of International Marketing in Uppsala

•Master of finance in Uppsala

•Global  MBA electives in Uppsala                                         

New York - Rotation center

Take electives at our rotation center in the world’s most influential business capital – New York City – and live and study in downtown Manhattan.

•Global entrepreneurship  in New York

•Master of International Marketing in New York

•Master of finance in New York

•Global  MBA electives in New York


Take electives at this Beijing   , located just Centrum

•Global entrepreneurship  in Beijing

•Master of International Marketing in Beijing

•Master of finance in Beijing

•Global  MBA electives in Beijing


Our central London campus is a beautifully converted classic building, ideally located at the intersection of London’s academic, media, and financial districts.

•Master of International Marketing in London

•Master of finance in London

•Global  MBA electives in London


Take electives at this Geneva   , located just Centrum

•Global entrepreneurship  in Geneva

•Master of International Marketing in Geneva

•Master of finance in Geneva

•Global  MBA electives in Geneva


Take electives at this Toronto   , located just Centrum

•Global entrepreneurship  in Toronto

•Master of International Marketing in Toronto

•Master of finance in Toronto

•Global  MBA electives in Toronto


Take electives at this Dubai  , located just Centrum

•Global entrepreneurship  in Dubai

•Master of International Marketing in Dubai

•Master of finance in Dubai

•Global  MBA electives in Dubai


Take electives at this Montreal   , located just Centrum

•Global entrepreneurship  in Montreal

•Master of International Marketing in Montreal

•Master of finance in Montreal

•Global  MBA electives in Montreal

Pretoria Sydafrika

Take electives at this Pretoria  , located just Centrum

•Global entrepreneurship  in Pretoria

•Master of International Marketing in Pretoria

•Master of finance in Pretoria

•Global  MBA electives in Pretoria